Jerome "Bud" Calloway

Bud Calloway, President of Northstar Aviation Services, Inc.

I founded Northstar in 1994 following twelve years as a senior regional sales manager for EMBRAER specifically to facilitate the placement of used EMB-120’s into productive service worldwide. We set out to provide this service on behalf of institutional owners of this equipment and the airlines that would soon be retiring them. My initial success with the BRASILIA led me to doing the same work on other liked-sized types such as the Saab 340, and more recently the newer generation of regional aircraft; 37 to 50 seat regional jets.

The ability to bring the professional marketing and prospecting methodology of over fifteen years of new aircraft sales experience to the task of successfully finding productive new homes for used examples of these aircraft sets Northstar apart from traditional used aircraft brokers and has resulted in an exceptional record of success and results for our clients.

Having an “applications” grasp of the characteristics and capabilities of these types gives us the unique ability to advise prospective buyers as to the best aircraft for their proposed application. In some cases this may keep the aircraft out of utilizations or operating environments that they are not particularly well suited for, precluding potential placements of these aircraft into non-productive situations that may not work or pay off.

We are also recognized as an expert on non-traditional applications of these aircraft, including their conversion to all-cargo configurations for dedicated utilization as small-package freighters. The relatively low capital and operating cost of these aircraft make them well-suited in this role, and we have a complete knowledge of the many aspects of this application.

There is plentiful supply of the types of aircraft that we deal in relative to demand. Our market intelligence, including aircraft availability, terms of prior and recent transactions and a comprehensive knowledge of alternative aircraft give us an important advantage vs. other suppliers of these aircraft that will competing for sale and lease opportunities for them.

These are important advantages that Northstar brings to the marketing effort on behalf of our clients when competing for successful placements of these machines in a marketplace that that is often over-stocked with used aircraft availability. It is critical that institutions looking to successfully find new homes for their used regional aircraft in a highly competitive environment have the most well-informed and experienced professionals working on their behalf.

I am confident that the application of Northstar’s proven methodology, extensive experience and tenacity in achieving successful placements of this type equipment for our previous clients will produce similar results for you as well.

Please contact me directly with any questions about our services and discussion about how I may serve you.

Sincerely yours,

Bud Calloway has been productively involved in the aviation industry for over 25 years. Beyond EMBRAER and Northstar, he also has successful experience as a sales professional of general aviation and corporate aircraft for Beech Aircraft and EMBRAER. Bud has served on the RAA’s inaugural Associate Member Advisory Council and has been invited to speak as a panelist at numerous regional airline convention gatherings, including the Annual US Regional Airline Conference hosted by Commercial Aviation Report. He is a 1976 graduate of Florida State University and holds an ATP pilot rating w/ over 4,800 hrs. total time.

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